Friday, November 5, 2010

Top Ten Go To Nymphs

When I first began trout fishing I did not like to fish with nymph's because I was always losing flies and getting hung up and seemed to be tying on more nymphs than fishing. But I went to a seminar that was taught by  the well known famous nymph fisher Joe Humphries and saw how productive it was for him. I changed my attitude and learned to become a better nymph fisher. While I can't say these should be etched in stone as the top ten, they are very close between most obsessive trout fishers as myself. You may see these tied with a little color variation from fly shop to fly shop but here they are:
1. Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear
2. Gray Nymph
3. Zug Bug
4. Black Midge Pupa
6. Kaufmann's Stone
7. Scud
8. Beaver
9. American March Brown
10. Prince Nymph
And one for good measure Copper John

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Common Fly Casting Mistakes

I was invited down to Virginia Beach last week to help the avid salt anglers  of the Virginia Beach Saltwater  Fly Angers on their casting. It was much fun and also very good to get out again on a cool crisp night for some casting on a lighted football field. Two common occurrences with a lot of good casters which this club has plenty were the overpowering of the rod and keeping the rod tip on a straight line path. Two important casting components when casting in salt water situations that can cost you much distance and accuracy. The anglers picked up my observations quickly and much improvement was had by all and they were delighted and very complementary. I wanted all of them to know how humbling of an experience it was for me to be doing what I love, in teaching and being with a great bunch of folks. I look  forward in getting down for a meeting to watch some of the finest fly tiers on the east coast and see with my own eyes the flytying ninja in action. Tight Loops! Andrew

Thursday, October 14, 2010

What does it me to be a fly fisherman>

What does it mean to me to be a fly fisherman?
     I think first and foremost it means to be an ethical angler, a steward of the environs where we all fish. Secondly it means a way in which we catch fish;  how we catch fish with artificial flies that we make and no barbs on our hooks giving the fish much more advantage than other ways of fishing. For example most fish caught by fly fisherman when the fish strikes the hook is set by the angler and his hand on the line whereas other ways of fishing  such as bait casting , cane rod fishing the hook is set with the rod  tip and not the line, therefore a fly fisherman must keep his/her line tight at all times.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Why did you choose to be a fly fishing professor?

 Why did I become a fly fishing professor?
     I love the sport of fly fishing and all the aspects of it , casting , fly tying, reading water and traveling to all the great destinations that allow me to fish in some of the prettiest places in the world and by doing this I wanted to share my experiences and the sport to others and what better place than a college or university where they are trying to get you people back out doors.  So I came up with a proposal and started to contact all  the colleges and universities in my area to pursue my interest and spread the sport of fly fishing to students how need to get out before the go into the working world full time. One more Cast, Andrew

Monday, October 11, 2010

First Blog

Well, Hello out there I am really excited to start my blog and pass on the great fishing stories and travels with my fly rod to anyone who will read and listen. I up for a lot of fun see you out there, TIGHT LINES!