Sunday, July 3, 2011

Take a Tip from Your Fly Rod Tip

When I am teaching students to learn the principles of fly casting they have to understand the terms loading and unloading.  Sure these are physics terms, but it will help you to learn just how important they are in executing a great cast. For example,   I will  bend the rod in front the students and they don’t’ really understand the sequence of events that happen during an ordinary pick up and lay down cast. The next thing I will do is break my rod down just to the tip top section with the fly line threaded through the guide and a bright colored yarn fly tied to the end. I have them perform the pickup and lay down cast with just that section of the rod and after several attempts I will ask them to accelerate faster to an abrupt stop and low and behold the light goes off in their heads after seeming the yarn fly shoot from the rod. One of the first reactions is” I can’t believe I can cast it that far with only that section of rod”. Others will exclaim “I’m casting it further with just the tip section rather than the entire rod”. So remember on your next pick up and lay down cast think of this tip and your rod tip and you will be on your way to better casting and tighter loops.

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